“KTK” bodies for dump

*the price is for the basic equipment, including VAT

The company "Kurylys Technika" offers to supply the body of its own production for dump trucks of construction and quarry classes. We supply standard, reinforced, lightweight and coal platforms for dump trucks of all types – mine and open-pit mining. The bodies of our production are of high quality: they are made only from proven materials.

“KTK” bodies are suitable for dump trucks of well-known world brands, such as:
  • CATERPILLAR 777-G, 785, 785D, 789, 789D, 739, 739D, 739F, 794AC, 796AC, 797F, 798AC
  • KOMATSU HD465-7R, HD-785, HD465-7R, 730E-8, 830E-AC, 930E-4, 930E-4
  • HITACHI EH 750, EH 1000, EH 1700, EH 1600 EH 2000, EH 3000, EH 3500, EH 4000, EH 4500, EH 5000
  • VOLVO F12, FE, FE, FH12, FH12, FH13,FH16, FM, FM9, FMX, FMX13
  • Atlas Copco Minetruck MT42, MT2010, MT431B, MT436B, MT436LP, MT5020, MT6020
  • Sandvik TH663i, TH551i, TH545i, TH430L,TH430, TH330, TH320, TH315

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