Loader log and pipes grapples by "KTK"

The "Kurylys Technika" company produces grappling grips (log grabs) for front loaders. Such grips are used in storage areas for a large volume of timber transshipment. The equipment is selected relative to the load capacity of the carrier machine.

Loader log and pipes grapples produced by "KTK" are suitable for loaders  of well-known world brands, such as:
  • HYUNDAI HL775-9S,
  • HL740-9S, HL757-9S, HL730-9S, HL760-9S, HL770-9S, HL775-9S, HL780-9S.
  • DOOSAN: SD350, DL250A, SD310, DL550A (3SP) , DL550-5BH, DL420, DL550, DL300A, DL300, DL200A, SD200N, DL250, SD300H, DL420A.
  • KOMATSU: WA900-8R, WA800-3, WA900-3EO, WA1200-6, WA380-6, WA500-6, WA430-6, WA470-6, WA600-6, WA700-3.
  • HITACHI: ZW370- G, LX80, LX130, ZW180, ZW220, ZW310, LX160 HIGH-LIFT, ZW220.
  • JCB: JCB 416 HT, 456, ZX, 408B, 456ZX, 409, 422ZX, 456ZX.
  • Volvo: L120F, L120GZ, L120GZ, L60H, L180H, L120H, L150H, L180H, L45B, L180G, L220E, L150G, L120F, L60E, L350F, 4500B, L150F.
  • Caterpillar: 992G, 972H, 992K, 988K, 990K, 994K, 993K, 966H, 972L, 950GC, 966L, 980G, 966H.
  • SDLG: 933L, 936L, 946L, 946LF, 953, 953F, 953FH, 968F, 978, 7120, 8140, 7120, RD730, 9165, 9190, 9220, 6210, 6300.
  • XGMA: XG968N, XG956N, XG955N, XG931N, XG918N, LW160FV, LW180K,LW300KN, LW300FN, LW400KN, LW500FN, LW550RU, ZL506V, ZL506N, ZL606V, LW700KV, LW700KN, LW800KN, LW900KN, LW1100KN, LW1200KN, LW330FN, XC9350, XC968, XC938, ZL40RU, XC948, XC978.
  • CAT: 950GC, 950L, 962L, 966GC, 966, 972, 982, 906K, 907K, 908K, 914K, 920K, 924K, 930K, 938K, 980, 986K, 988K, 990K, 992K, 993K, 994K.
  • Stalowa wola: L 34 00-R0003295.

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