Motor rope grapples by "KTK"

The company "Kurylys Technika" produces motor rope grapples designed for hanging on a crane hook. They are driven by a drive gear located on the grab. The jaws are opened and closed by means of a special wired remote control.

Motor rope grapples produced by "KTK" are suitable for special equipment of well-known world brands, such as:
  • СММ - 6000, «СММ-1400», «СММ-2500» и «СММ-4500»
  • Альбатрос
  • Ганц
  • Кировец
  • Сокол
  • Витязь, Витязь 2700
  • Аист
  • Кондор
  • Альбрехт
  • Деррик

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