Sceleton buckets "KTK"

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Dredging, or as they are also called lattice (skeleton), buckets manufactured by "Kurylys Technika" are designed for cleaning reservoirs and for sorting material into fractions.

“KTK” sifting buckets are suitable for excavators of well-known world brands, such as:
  • Caterpillar 318, M318D, 318CL, 319DLN, 320C, 320D, 320D2GC, 320D2L, 320DL, 323D LN, 324D, 324DL, 325C, 325DL, 329DL, 330DL, 336DL, 336DL
  • Doosan DX225, DX225LCA, DX260LCA (с ос. рег.), S210W, S180W-V, S210W-V, S225 NLC-V, S255LC-V, DX300, DX300LCA, DX340LC, DX340LC-A, DX360, DX380LC-5, S300LC-V, SL400LC-3, DX420LC, S420LC-V
  • Hitachi ZX200, ZX200-3, ZX200-5G, ZX200LC-5G, ZX210, ZX210W-3, ZX225USR, ZX230, ZX240-3, ZX240-3G, ZX240-5G, ZX240LC-3, ZX240LC-5G, ZX250, ZX250LCH, ZX270-3, ZX280-3, ZX280-5G, ZX290, ZX300-5A, ZX300-7, ZX300LC, ZX330-1, ZX330-3, ZX330-3G, ZX330-5G, ZX330LC-3, ZX330LC-5G, ZX350-5G, ZX350CLK, ZX370 MTH, ZX380, ZX380LC-5G, ZX400, ZX400LCH-3, EX-400, ZX450-3, ZX470, ZX470LC-5G
  • Hyundai HX220, R200W-7, R210-7, R210LC-7, R210LC-9S, R210NLC-9, R210W-9S, R220LC-9, R220LC-9S, R250LC-7, R260LC-9S, HX300 L, R290LC-7, R290LC-7A, R300-7, R300LC-9S, R305LC-7, R320LC-7, R330LC-9S, R360LC-7, R380LC-9, R380LC-9S, R430LC-9S, R450LC-7, R455LC-7, R480LC-9, R480LC-9S
  • JCB JS200, JS200LC, JS205, JS220, JS240, JS260, JS200W, JS330LC, JS360LC, JS370, JS460
  • John Deere E210LC, E230LC, E240LC, E260LC, E330LC, E360LC, PC 400-8, PC 450-7, PC 450-8R, PC 450LC-7
  • Kobelco SK210, SK210-6E, SK210LC-8, SK250, SK260LC-8, SK320-6, SK330, SK350, SK350LC-8, R938, R944B, R944C, R945
  • Komatsu HB215LC, PC 200-6, PC 200-7, PC 200-8, PC 200-8MO, PC 210-10MO, PC 210-7, PC 210LC-10MO, PC 210LC-11, PC 210LC-7, PC 210LC-8, PC 220-6, PC 220-7, PC 220-8, PC 220-8MO, PC 220LC-8, PC 228U, PC 240LC-8, PC 270, PW-200, PC 300-8, PC 340LC-7, PC 360, PC 360-7, PC 360LC-10, PC290LC-11, PC300-8MO
  • Volvo EC-180, EC-180BLC, EC200D, EC200EL, EC-205, EC-210, EC-210B, EC-210BLC, EC-220, EC-220D, EC-220DL, EC-220EL, EC-235, EC-240BLC, EC-250, EC-250DL, EW-180C, EW-205, EW-205DI, EC-290, EC-290BLC, EC-300, EC-300DL, EC-300EL, EC-350D, EC-350EL, EC-360, EC-360BLC, EC-380D, EC-380DL, EC-380EL
  • CASE WX200, WX210, CX210, CX210B, CX220C, CX240, CX250C, CX260, CX290, CX290B, CX300C, CX330, CX350
  • New Holland E215B, E215C, E265B, EH214LC, EC270, E265LC, E265EL, E215LC, E200SR, E195LC
  • Lonking CDM6225 , CDM 6205, CDM6245F, CDM6266F, CDM6245, CDM 6215
  • UMG (ЭКСМАШ) E200NC, E200C, E225LC, E225NLC, TX220LC, TX220NLC, , Liebherr A924B, R914, R916, R924, R 902 HDSL
  • LiuGong CLG925D, CLG 920D, CLG925LC, CLG220LC, CLG922E
  • XCMG XE225DN, XE215C, XE265C
  • Sumitomo SH200-3, SH250-6, SH220NLC, SH210LC-5
  • SDLG LG6210E, E6210F, LG6250F
  • Kato 1023, HD820V, HD820LC, HD 1430 III, HD 1430 R-5
  • Jonyang JYL210E, JYL230E, , SANY, SY215C, SY245H
  • RM-Terex TX210, TX220LC
  • Zoomlion ZE215E, ZE245E
  • LOVOL FR245E2

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