Multi-jaw rope grapples by "KTK"

The company "Kurylys Technika" produces multi-jaw rope grapples, which are closing jaws due to the ropes. This type of grapples is used in various industries, including construction, metal processing industry, quarry mining. It is suitable for recycling and sorting scrap metal, as well as for loading and unloading various materials.

Multi-jaw rope grapples produced by "KTK" are suitable for special equipment of well-known world brands, such as:
  • СММ - 6000, «СММ-1400», «СММ-2500» и «СММ-4500»
  • Альбатрос
  • Ганц
  • Кировец
  • Сокол
  • Витязь, Витязь 2700
  • Аист
  • Кондор
  • Альбрехт
  • Деррик

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