Super reinforced rock buckets "KTK"

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The rock super-reinforced bucket manufactured by "Kurylys Technika" is designed to work with rock mass and heavy soils with a density of up to 2500 kg/cubic meter. In the super-strong modification, the rock bucket is equipped with lip shroud, protectors, heels, internal lining of the bottom and sidewall, as well as external lining.

Rock super-strong buckets "KTK" are suitable for excavators of well-known world brands, such as:
  • Komatsu HB215LC, PC 200-6, PC 200-7, PC 200-8, PC 200-8MO, PC 210-10MO, PC 210-7, PC 210LC-10MO, PC 210LC-11, PC 210LC-7, PC 210LC-8, PC 220-6, PC 220-7, PC 220-8, PC 220-8MO, PC 220LC-8, PC 228U, PC 240LC-8, PC 270, PW-200
  • Volvo EC-180, EC-180BLC, EC200D, EC200EL, EC-205, EC-210, EC-210B, EC-210BLC, EC-220, EC-220D, EC-220DL, EC-220EL, EC-235, EC-240BLC, EC-250, EC-250DL, EW-180C, EW-205, EW-205DI
  • Hitachi ZX200, ZX200-3, ZX200-5G, ZX200LC-5G, ZX210, ZX210W-3, ZX225USR, ZX230, ZX240-3, ZX240-3G, ZX240-5G, ZX240LC-3, ZX240LC-5G, ZX250, ZX250LCH
  • Caterpillar 318, M318D, 318CL, 319DLN, 320C, 320D, 320D2GC, 320D2L, 320DL, 323D LN, 324D, 324DL, 325C, 325DL
  • Hyundai HX220, R200W-7, R210-7, R210LC-7, R210LC-9S, R210NLC-9, R210W-9S, R220LC-9, R220LC-9S, R250LC-7, R260LC-9S
  • New Holland E215B, E215C, E265B, EH214LC, EC270, E265LC, E265EL, E215LC, E200SR, E195LC
  • Doosan DX225, DX225LCA, DX260LCA, S210W, S180W-V, S210W-V, S225 NLC-V, S255LC-V
  • Lonking CDM6225, CDM 6205, CDM6245F, CDM6266F, CDM6245, CDM 6215
  • UMG (ЭКСМАШ) E200NC, E200C, E225LC, E225NLC, TX220LC, TX220NLC
  • CASE WX200, WX210, CX210, CX210B, CX220C, CX240, CX250C, CX260
  • LiuGong CLG925D, CLG 920D, CLG925LC, CLG220LC, CLG922E
  • Kobelco SK210, SK210-6E, SK210LC-8, SK250, SK260LC-8
  • JCB JS200, JS200LC, JS205, JS220, JS240, JS260, JS200W
  • Liebherr A924B, R914, R916, R924, R 902 HDSL Litronic
  • Sumitomo SH200-3, SH250-6, SH220NLC, SH210LC-5
  • John Deere E210LC, E230LC, E240LC, E260LC
  • XCMG XE225DN, XE215C, XE265C
  • SDLG LG6210E,4/ E6210F, LG6250F
  • Hidromek 220, HMK 200W MH
  • Kato 1023, HD820V, HD820LC
  • Jonyang JYL210E, JYL230E
  • RM-Terex TX210, TX220LC
  • Zoomlion ZE215E, ZE245E
  • Sany SY215C, SY245H
  • LOVOL FR245E2

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