The shafts and frames of the "KTK" ripper

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Shafts and ripper frames manufactured by Kurylys Technika are used to mount the ripper rack of dozers. They are installed on the dozer using hydraulic cylinders and articulated joints (pins / bushings) and serves to attach the ripper rack.

The shafts and frames of the "KTK" ripper are suitable for dozers of well-known world brands, such as:
  • Caterpillar D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D9, D10, D11
  • Komatsu D37, D39, D61, D65, D85, D155, D275, D355, D375, D475
  • Liebherr PR 736, PR 744, PR 746, PR 754, PR 756, PR 764, PR 766, PR 776
  • Shantui SD13, SD16, SD17, SD20, SD22, SD26, SD32, SD34, SD60, SD90
  • XCMG TY160, TY180, TY230, TY320, TY410
  • Dresta TD-9, TD-10, TD-14, TD-15, TD-20, TD-25, TD-40
  • Четра Т9, Т11, Т15, Т20, Т25, Т35, Т40

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