Hydraulic quick-couplers by KTK for excavators

The "Kurylys Technika" company produces hydraulic quick- couplers of excavators for all types and brands. As opposed to mechanical quick- couplers, hydraulic quick- coupler working by the principle of closing and opening: these processes are carried out due to the hydraulics of the excavator. An additional hydraulic line is required for the use of a hydraulic quick-coupler.

Hydraulic quick-couplers produced by "KTK" are suitable for excavators of well-known world brands, such as:
  • Caterpillar 5090B, 5130, 6018, 6030, 6040, 312, 313D, 315, 315C, 315DL, 317-D2, 318-M
  • Komatsu PC750, PC800LC-8, PC-1250, PC-1600, PC-1800LS, PC-2000, PC-3000, PC-4000, PC-120, PC-128, PC 130-7, 160LC-7K, 170LC-11, PC138US-11, PC160LC-8, PC-180, PW-130, PW-148, PW-150-7, PW-160, PW-160-10, PW-160-11, PW-160-8, PW-160LC-10, PW-170
  • Hitachi ZX-870LD, ЕХ-1200, ЕХ-1200, ЕХ-1900, EX-2500, EX-3600, ZX-130, ZX-140, EX-120, ZX-160, DX-165, ZX-180, EX-120-5, ZX-110, ZX-130W, ZX-160LC-3
  • Volvo EC-700, EC-750, EC-950, EC-140, EC-160, EC170D, EW-130, EW-140C, EW-145, EW-145B, EW-160B, EW160C, EW-170   
  • Hyundai R-800LC-7A, R1200, HX-130, HX140LC, R-1300W, R-130, R-140, R140-W7, R-140W-9S, R-1300, R-160, R-160-9S, R-160LC-7, R-170-W7, R-170W-9S, R180LC-9S, R-180, R180-W, R180W-9S
  • Doosan S-140, DX-160, S-160
  • Terex-Bucyrus RH-70, RH-90, RH-170, RH-120
  • Liebherr A900C, A916, R 313
  • Kobelco SK100W, SK115, SK135
  • New Holland E115SR, E130, E135BSR, E145, EX135LC, EH160LC, EC160, E175LC, E165
  • UMG E160C, UMG E180C
  • Zoomlion ZE135E-10, ZE155E-10

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