“KTK” booms for excavators

*the price is for the basic equipment, including VAT

The Kurylys Technika company produces construction-class booms for excavators from 3 to 65 tons, as well as mining-class booms for excavators from 66 to 220 tons. An optimally matched boom can significantly increase the efficiency of the excavator. We supply the boom for the excavator complete with hydraulic cylinders.

“KTK” arrows are suitable for excavators of well-known world brands, such as:
  • Caterpillar 5090B, 5130, 6018, 6030, 6040, 312, 313D, 315, 315C, 315DL, 317-D2, 318-M
  • Komatsu PC750, PC800LC-8, PC-1250, PC-1600, PC-1800LS, PC-2000, PC-3000, PC-4000, PC-120, PC-128, PC 130-7, 160LC-7K, 170LC-11, PC138US-11, PC160LC-8, PC-180, PW-130, PW-148, PW-150-7, PW-160, PW-160-10, PW-160-11, PW-160-8, PW-160LC-10, PW-170
  • Hitachi ZX-870LD, ЕХ-1200, ЕХ-1200, ЕХ-1900, EX-2500, EX-3600, ZX-130, ZX-140, EX-120, ZX-160, DX-165, ZX-180, EX-120-5, ZX-110, ZX-130W, ZX-160LC-3
  • Volvo EC-700, EC-750, EC-950, EC-140, EC-160, EC170D, EW-130, EW-140C, EW-145, EW-145B, EW-160B, EW160C, EW-170   
  • Hyundai R-800LC-7A, R1200, HX-130, HX140LC, R-1300W, R-130, R-140, R140-W7, R-140W-9S, R-1300, R-160, R-160-9S, R-160LC-7, R-170-W7, R-170W-9S, R180LC-9S, R-180, R180-W, R180W-9S
  • Doosan S-140, DX-160, S-160
  • Terex-Bucyrus RH-70, RH-90, RH-170, RH-120
  • Liebherr A900C, A916, R 313
  • Kobelco SK100W, SK115, SK135
  • New Holland E115SR, E130, E135BSR, E145, EX135LC, EH160LC, EC160, E175LC, E165
  • UMG E160C, UMG E180C
  • Zoomlion ZE135E-10, ZE155E-10

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